Painted Picture

My path has been stained by the tears that I have shed..but I am not a painted picture..

I have been molded by the number of times I have been kicked when I was down..

I have been sculpted by the insults and the hurt that I have felt..but I am not a painted picture

I am not defined by a brush stroke..nor am I a specific color chosen..

I am not a palette of colors that the artist has chosen for their next masterpiece..

I am not a painted picture..

I am defined by the number of mistakes that I have made along the way..

I am navigated by the number of wrong turns I have made during my journey..

The number of steps that I have taken has been quadrupled by the number of steps taken back..but you can’t paint a picture like that..

Who I am..can not be painted on a canvas..can not be sculpted with clay..and can not be chiseled out of stone..

My flesh has been doused with regret..covered in remorse..and plastered with guilt..

That is something that can not be painted..

My pores have oozed with blood has been boiled by eyes watered with empathy..but that is not a picture that can be painted..

I am not what a person paints in their mind..I am me..

I can not be defined..

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