Looking at Me

Looking at me is like looking at a raindrop covered window..their is never a clear picture..what you see..is only a perception..you are on the outside..looking in..you may like what you see…you may not..but perception is not reality…I can not be figured out..I am a riddle..but with more than one answer..Looking at me..is like looking through a kaleidoscope..different shapes and colors…sizes..you shake it…and it changes..I have many different faces..different masks..different thoughts and feelings..and you try your hardest to figure me out..but you cant..Looking at me is like looking through a lens..maybe a big lens..maybe a small lens..but the whole picture can never be seen..you may just catch a glimpse..you may catch moments in time..where I wear a smile..maybe I am shedding some tears..what you perceive will never be my reality..because I know who I am looking at..but you are on the outside…Looking at me..

1 thought on “Looking at Me

  1. Well written… insightful!


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