To the girl who feels like letting go…

I dont blame you for one have been holding on for so probably feel like their is nothing left to hold on to…you have kept yourself together this long..and your heart is being torn no longer seem happy..that sparkle in your eyes is fading are so far away..but I can feel you so close..and the grip you have on my hand is releasing slowly..I see it..I see the hurt..the pain..the agony..that you are facing..and you feel like you are alone while doing so..but I am right there with you..our backs may be facing each other..but sooner or later you will turn around..and you will see me standing there..because you may be letting go..but I will be here…I want you to know how strong you much you mean to me and the world around much joy you bring..and when you feel like giving all that’s left to do..look back..and see how many bad days you have much you have made it are a are stronger than you think..keep going..keep trudging got this…

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