70 years

Eventually you will look back and wonder how you did it…how you made all of the memories…how some of those memories faded..you will smile..because of all the sunsets you have seen..and from different cities and countries..you will look back on the dreams you had so many years ago…knowing you accomplished most of them..but there will be a moment..when you look back..and see a face that is all to familiar..you may tear up..because you remember all the things you said and did together..you will wonder how they are..or what their life has been like..and you will realize that so long ago..isn’t all that long at all..you may pull out a scrap book..or photo album..run your hands across pictures of you and them together..maybe you kept all the notes they wrote you as mementos..maybe when you close your eyes…you can still smell their scent..you can see that beautiful smile you fell in love with..you can look back and wonder if they ever got their narcoleptic dog they so badly wanted..or their fainting goat…maybe they never did get them..because they weren’t with you..maybe one day you will look back and laugh about all the belly laughs you shared together..maybe 70 years..was just going to be a memory..or maybe..70 years…is a reality..maybe one day you will realize..that they were really all you ever wanted..maybe you were all they wanted too..maybe time was the most important thing..maybe tomorrow you will wake up..and want to hear their voice…see their smile..feel their love..maybe instead of looking back…all you need to look up..

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