One of a Kind

Self-acceptance is one of the harder tasks we as humans struggle to achieve. We tend to want to be different than what we are right now. We dwell on who we were 10 years ago, or want to be as athletic as we were as a kid. The world has changed around us, and evolved into this massive heap of criticism, and for what? Why do we have to look like someone else to be pretty or handsome? Why do we have to hone our craft to be as good as someone else? Why do we care so much about being different than who we are? Truth is, self-acceptance and self-deprecation rule our lives in some form. We hate that we carry extra weight or we hate that we aren’t athletic. Why do we have to hate something that we aren’t good at, but struggle to find something we excel at? How many times have you looked in the mirror and said “Ugh I need to lose weight?” Why? Why do you care what people see on the outside, and not how amazing you are on the inside? Maybe you excel in school or design. Maybe you love to knit or crochet. Learning to love yourself and all your imperfections will only propel you into success. If you take the time to really get to know yourself life will take a turn in a more positive direction. Find and hone your craft. Find and appreciate everything you are, because their is not one person on this planet that could ever be YOU but YOU. You are the one and only. So love it. Love who you are. Love every single part of you. Flaunt it. Be proud. You are one of a kind!

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