Change the World

Have you ever thought about what your first impression is to someone? Have you ever wondered what someone really thinks about you? Have you ever thought about what someone else considers normal compared to your own definition?

I ask these questions solely because I myself have asked them more times than I can count. I feel it is a topic visited regularly in ones’ own mind. Maybe you are at a party, standing alone observing the guests. You are looking all around, taking in the noise and the smell in the air. You see someone that catches your eye and you focus on them for a time longer than you planned. You watch there mannerisms, and how they interact with other party-goers. You chuckle to yourself when you see them laughing among their friends. Maybe you are just in a Wal-Mart taking your time going around. Your cart isn’t very full, but you just enjoy “people watching” while your out. You notice a mother and her child bickering about a new toy the kid wants, and he is throwing a fit. You tell yourself that your kid will never act like that, like you have some superpower that can prevent that from happening.

You notice someone in the parking lot that looks suspicious and you get goosebumps up your arms. You don’t know the person, but just their image makes you nervous. Why is that? Why does someone you don’t know scare you just by being around? Why do we immediately pass judgement upon someone? Society has created this hatred for people of different skin tones, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, etc. It is a sad thought that the future generations have to grow up in a world full of discrimination, and judgement. Their is so much negativity in the world, that world peace seem so out of reach. You can’t turn on the television without something negative being spewed out into our ears and minds.

So let me make a challenge to you. If you are reading this, then something in here caught your eye. I challenge you to give 5 people a compliment everyday for a month. Let’s start changing the world today, with one compliment at a time. Let’s make someone’s day, everyday. Be the change you wish to see. One month turns to two months, then everyday of the year.

3 thoughts on “Change the World

  1. Remarkable! You truly are gifted ❤️


  2. Nancy Gentleman Schlesiger April 30, 2018 — 1:16 pm

    Great plan, Cayce. Thank you for this good guidance for changing our little corner of the world!


  3. Challenge accepted. Thanks for the reminder.


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