Prosper in your Dreams!

Have you ever been so upset that you pretend you are somewhere else?  You dream up your “happy place” where everything is perfect.  The weather is ideal.  Sunny and 75, a nice breeze, windows open, and a perfect day for a cruise with the top back and window’s down.  It seems as if nothing could go wrong there.  You are at peace, however, you have to wake up sometime.  You hate the reality you wake up to.  You hate the thought of having to live your life.  You hate knowing you live paycheck to paycheck.  You hate the thought of just “surviving.”  So what is it that can be done?  What can you change?

Let me give you a piece of advice that I just learned myself.  Leave the negativity out of your vocabulary.  Start looking ahead.  “I will have $5,000 in my account on this day at this time!”  “I will have a 5 bedroom house out by the lake in Colorado at this address on this day at this time!”  If you start thinking like this, you will start seeing results leading to this.  I learned this recently from a friend of mine.  Yeah, I thought he was crazy too, but it works.  It really works.  If you think about just having enough, you will NEVER get ahead.  You have to WANT it.  You have to pursue it.  Write out your goals.  Detail those goals to the T.  Two, three, four times a day.  Write them out. Visualize them!

Thank Jesus for everything.  Thank him for the blessings you have now, and for the blessing you have in the future.  Thank him for that $5,000 that you will have.  Feel it when you say it.  Visualize it as if it were already in your hands.  Change your thinking, and you will learn to prosper.  What do you have to lose anyway?


1 thought on “Prosper in your Dreams!

  1. Nancy Gentleman Schlesiger May 2, 2018 — 9:29 pm

    You’re right, Cayce. Thank Jesus in all things!


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