Her sleeve was heavy. She carried every emotion with her as she went about her day. Both sleeves left her feeling weighed down, and she had no clue what to do. Her backstory left her feeling empty and numb. Tears filled her soul, and darkness loomed above her head. No matter where she hid or how she tried to shoe it away, it came back with vengeance. Her sleeve controlled her life. Her sleeve harboured her burdens. Her sleeve was her own personal devil. She was a servant to the devil, yet she only wanted to worship GOD himself. She hit her knees, crying out to the LORD. She said “Heavenly Father, save me!,” over and over and over. Trembling, she stood up, still crying out for help. Soon after, a peace filled her. A peace swept over her, the tears were dried up, and her sleeves were no more. Her sleeves were removable.


3 thoughts on “Sleeve

  1. LOVE IT!!!


    1. Nancy Gentleman Schlesiger May 2, 2018 — 9:28 pm

      Beautiful words, Cayce.


  2. Well written! I can certainly identify.


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