Life can get nasty sometimes. It can take everything out of us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Life can make us wonder why we even try anymore. Why do we try so hard just to fail again and again? Well my friend, life is a learning wheel. Every time we spin it, we land on something that brings us knowledge and value. For instance, let’s say that you saved up your money for 10 years, every extra penny, every extra dime, every day for 10 years. You wanted to have a down payment for a brand new car, and you saved up 10k. You were so excited about this new car that you told everyone your plans, but next thing you know, you get ready to walk out the door and your ceiling caves in. Dramatic much? Yeah I know. Point is, as much as you wanted that brand new car, now you have a choice to make. Car or Ceiling? Life has a way of kicking us when we need it the least. Truth is, it isn’t happening “to” us, it’s happening “for” us. Every “bad” outcome, has a “good” reason behind it.

Staying positive in rough patches only provides greater personal growth. Hard work, determination, and a rock bottom attitude, will not only provide positive benefits but also a healthy mindset. Most people see “rock bottom” as only a negative, but it is in those times of weakness you find your greatest strength. Left, right, and up are all the choices you can choose from, anything lower than rock bottom is non-existent, unless you consider death. Again, a bit dramatic. Life will test you over and over and over again. Now, something I learned recently from a good friend of mine are that everything in life has to align. You actions need to align with your goals. Your thoughts need to align with your feelings. Your hair needs to align with…just kidding. Point is, life is unpredictable. So, how do you conquer such a force? Well, I will give you a couple tips, only if you promise to tell me what you think about this post. Deal? Cool. Let’s move on!

1.) What is it that you want? Really want. More than anything.

2.) What are your action steps to reach that goal?

3.) When you figure out what your goal is, are you thankful and grateful?

4.) Write your goals out daily. The more you see them, the more you believe them. Envision them.

Their is a reason those are your goals. Jesus has provided you a road map, now you just have to follow the steps to get to the treasure.


1 thought on “Alignment

  1. Sometime that alignment is a bit of a zigzag pattern! Goals are essential in my life. I write them annually and revisit them weekly. A goal that has had the greatest impact on my life is to focus on my self-talk. My goal was to talk to myself the same way I would talk to a good friend or respected colleague. When my monkey chatter mind (i.e., worrying, criticizing, whining, anything repetitively negatively) was running amok, I used a three step process to gain control:
    1. Notice and say to myself “Stop it!”
    2. Take 4 cleansing breathes. Under stress we take shallow breaths and our brains need more oxygen to think healthy thoughts.
    3. Repeat my mantra which was some variation of “I am happy, healthy, and wise, and money comes easily to me.”
    It helped.


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