Why Failure Is Necessary

It took me a long time to figure out why failure is sometimes recognized as a good thing. People who experience failure are more likely to succeed because of the craving to overcome their failures. 100 failures is better than 1 success. Imagine how it would look if you never failed at anything in your life. You would most likely become an arrogant, self-absorbed ass who feels that they are entitled to everything, but would you be wrong for it? No, because you’ve grown to become familiar with succeeding at everything you do. Now imagine if you just kept failing over and over and over again. This would lead you either to quit and give up, or, get frustrated and embed it in your mind that you are going to succeed. You’re going to try harder, work longer, do more. You are going to get your mind focused on being better than anyone else.

Failure helps to define someone whether you realize it or not. It molds and creates this person inside of you and transforms your thoughts into positivity at all times. It cuts out the negativity, and starts propelling you towards greatness. You will find success in all the failures you gain.

2 thoughts on “Why Failure Is Necessary

  1. I like the saying that, “failure is a bruise, not a tattoo!” Things that hurt us the most can be a platform for understanding, which may become compassion as one now can recognize that same defeated look or response in another person. My failures lead me to reflect and wonder how I can use my new insights to serve a better future. A tree without the wind becomes spindly and weak. A person without challenges does likewise. A broken bone heals stronger. …I don’t like failing, but I have learned to accept that it is a necessary part of life. The ability to survive is a source of strength. What does it take to survive? How can we use failure to propel us to thrive?


  2. Nancy Gentleman Schlesiger May 14, 2018 — 10:27 am

    Finding success in failures–wise words. Thank you for sharing, Cayce.


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