The Success That Is Created After Discovering The Biggest Lie Ever Told

Okay peeps,

As promised, here is the newest blog post!!

What is the biggest lie ever told?

How do you become successful?

How do these intertwine?

Well first, I need you all to have an open mind, and understand that this is just my way of thinking, and you can take it how you want. Ready?

The biggest lie ever told isn’t that “your butt looks great in those jeans,” or “yeah, your hair looks great in a rainbow mohawk,” but it is “you are perfect the way you are!” Why is that? Why is “the way we are” perfect? When you look in the mirror do you see perfect? Do you see the BEST version of you? Is there not one area for improvement? Why is mediocrity compared to lavish? Why? This is just my thought process, so please take this as you will.

Mediocrity is the new popular. Mediocrity is the new perfect. People live in mediocrity because society has taught them that they are “perfect” just the way they are. They have taught us that the majority rules, and the 1% is barely achievable. Success doesnt come from being mediocre. Success doesnt come from being “perfect” the way you are. It comes from the pursuit of happiness, the pursuit of being that 1%, the pursuit of self-discipline and self-confidence.

Success comes from the will to change, and the will to be the BEST version of YOU!

Thoughts? Comments?

1 thought on “The Success That Is Created After Discovering The Biggest Lie Ever Told

  1. I agree, and I disagree. For me… life is about the journey and sometimes that path is direct and straight, and other times it is rather circuitous. There are advantages to putting on the blinders and going straight at a goal, and there are advantages to meandering around a bit. Balance and timing… Knowing when to do which is wisdom.

    Being “perfect” just that way we are is fleeting. We are not stagnant beings. Our bodies change, our knowings changes as the world rotates and revolves, our situations change. Perhaps it is okay to bask in the glory of a moment of perfection, but we have to understand that the moment will be gone. Nothing stays the same. Continuing to strive for something better is a worthy pursuit, but so is smelling the roses from time to time. Pacing…


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