Those Who Chase Two Rabbits, Catch Neither..

Throughout our lives we learn about selfishness, greediness, indulgence, etc.. At some point we want more than what we have, and whether we acknowledge that or not, we all have these tendencies about us. Most of us have heard the saying “kill two birds with one stone.” Well, what if that stone hit neither?

What if while trying to chase both rabbits, you lost both. You couldn’t decide whether to chase one or the other, and in the end, you came up with nothing. How many times in life has that situation happened to you? What impact did that have on your life?

Whatever way you take this analogy, whatever way you apply it to your life..take my advice…before you start chasing, stop and smell the roses… because one may not be as good as the other..or they both may not be good for you at all…

2 thoughts on “Those Who Chase Two Rabbits, Catch Neither..

  1. My grandpa used to say, “There is always enough time for the things that are most important, the trick is figuring out what is most important!” Prioritization is a choice based on values. When I “miss both rabbits” I typically find that I have failed to prioritize effectively or I have wanted things that are incompatible. Or perhaps I have simply been thoughtless and allowed myself to get distracted by too many shiny objects! Choices and focus…


  2. Nancy Schlesiger June 4, 2018 — 5:55 pm

    Cayce, thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are like another message I read today from Matthew Kelly, “All of life’s important relationships thrive under the condition of carefree timelessness. Learn to waste time with the people you love.”


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