I Saw You

You walked in wearing this sophisticated red jacket and a smile that could wake a sleeping giant. I remember staring at you, and wondering what you were like. Throughout the night I watched you, and I remember thinking “you were exactly the dose of medicine I needed.” You made me laugh, and you gave me a hard time, but the night was well worth it. I didn’t want to go to that party, but I am now glad I did. I remember having anxiety, and wanting to leave, but something said stay. It was fun. Granted life was a mess, it was fun.

I saw you. I saw the spark in your eye. I saw the wonder. I saw the gentleness of your soul, yet I had no idea who you were, other than knowing your name. I knew that I needed to know you, but I didn’t want to be a weirdo so I stayed quiet.

I remember the next day our conversation about laundry. It was different, but you still managed to make me laugh, when my entire world was crashing down around me. I simply asked for a hug and mountain dew, and you kindly brought it to me. Funny part, you didnt really know me at all.

You asked a bunch of questions, and intently sat and listened as I told you my story. As much as I didn’t want that time to end, you had to leave. I wondered. I pondered all of our conversation.

Fast forward…buckys and scratch offs. Something so simple, yet one of my most cherished moments. We could have sat there all night and talked, and I would have never gotten bored. You jumped feet first into my mind like you wanted to understand all of my thoughts, and see what makes up the person I am. You paid attention. You learned me.

Day by day by day you learned me. In that same time I learned you. I learned how you communicated, and how you thought. I learned how you loved, and what was important to you. I learned your dreams and aspirations. I learned who you were, and who you wanted to become.

I saw you. When I saw you, I learned to love you. When I learned to love you, in turn, I learned to love myself. Time changed everything for me. Time became my best friend, and in a way, my worst enemy.

2 thoughts on “I Saw You

  1. Eileen anderson May 29, 2018 — 3:53 pm

    Can you put this chapter in your book? Enjoyed reading this upbeat blog.


  2. Nancy Schlesiger June 4, 2018 — 5:56 pm

    Beautiful story. I love the “jumped feet first into my mind” comment. Very creative writing!


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