YOU are YOUR own personal JAIL!!

Has anyone ever told you to “quit living in the past?” It seems like a very common saying these days, even more so from those who have found success. It is interesting how some of the world perceives things one way, some another, and some an entirely different way. Think about it, mostly everyone has a different view, response, thought process, or answer to the same question asked or statement made. Throughout this post I am going to touch on some areas of our personal lives that may or may not be holding you back, or inhibiting your advancement.

1. The past is your best friend and worst enemy.

How many of you can believe that statement? How many times a day do you look back and say “if only I did things differently?” Yeah, a lot of us do, either consciously or unconsciously. The past becomes our present and our future if we allow it to. At some point, we have to cut ties with it. We have to step forward and say “NO MORE!”

2. Fear can and will rule your life if you let it.

People say all the time “Nothing scares me!” It’s true, it’s so true. Nothing scares you, except everything that is unfamiliar to you. New food scares you. New hobbies scare you. Love scares you, and what’s crazy is you don’t even consciously realize it. It comes in so many different ways you can’t adjust to it until you unmask it from everything. Scared of new food? Not today, you’re gonna try it! Scared of exercise? Not today, you’re gonna run a mile and do a full body work out. You are going to kick fear in its ugly face, and take back YOUR life.

3. Why is the destination better than the journey?

Good question! Maybe you will agree, maybe you won’t. Here are MY thoughts on this, and I hope you will comment below and share yours with me as well.

A journey has no destination. Clearly it is just a journey. When I think of life, it is a journey, however what if there were specific destinations you wanted to end up? When I think of Life, Journey, and many opportunities come to mind. Here is the life I have envisioned with destinations included..and destinations aren’t just places to visit.

1. Build a 7,500 sq. Ft. 8 bedroom 8 bathroom house with 6 car garage, pool, hot tub, basketball court, on 400 acres near maroon bells, Colorado on August 16, 2020

2. Pay for my nephew’s and nieces college fund for whatever school and degrees they choose

3. Make sure my family is taken care of 100% with no worries in sight

4. 500 billion dollars August 16, 2025.

5. Go to 3rd world countries and provide food, shelter, and clean water to as many people as possible

6. Build a nonprofit organization for veterans retired/active, that provides rehabilitation, living, and helps find employment opportunities at no cost to them at all.

7. Find a love of 71+ years

8. Live my life the way I want

9. Visit all 50 states and leave a mark in every single one

10. Motivational Speaker to kids of all ages about life and how to overcome the challenges.

This is my life with my destinations. Destination = Reward. Live your life, your way, and don’t look back!

One more thing before you go, if you have thoughts, comments, criticism, etc, let me know.

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “YOU are YOUR own personal JAIL!!

  1. I pray all your dreams come true.
    All sound so good…especially the build.
    Pardon the pun!


  2. Nancy Schlesiger June 18, 2018 — 3:20 pm

    Cayce, what an awesome, positive post! I am so proud of the way that your goals include reaching out to family and to others who are in need. Praying that you will be successful!


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